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P9 | MT

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P9 | LG

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In 2009, Kuboraum founders Livio Graziottin and Sergio Eusebi met for the first time in Berlin. In 2011, the first Kuboraum eyewear collection was born. After several metamorphoses, Kuboraum sees itself as more than just an eyewear brand. Kuboraum is an ethical project that confronts existing conventions, breaks codes and combines aesthetic and conceptual principles with the search for social relationships. Kuboraum therefore also views its handmade eyewear as masks that become synonymous with protected self-created spaces in which we are safe, can live out our intimacy, develop our character and view the world through two lenses.

That is why we love Kuboraum.

Yours Christian Leidmann

The Kuboraum story

Kuboraum are masks that are designed on the face of its wearers to highlight their personality and character. Mask is synonymous with mockery and game. Kuboraum masks are synonymous with protection and shelter; they are cubical rooms where we shelter ourselves, free to live our intimacy and look at the world through two lenses. All masks are entirely dreamed in Berlin and handmade in Italy.

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Philipp Foret, Leidmann

»Our aim is to offer you eyewear that underlines your character. Eyewear that takes your look to a new level. Eyewear that makes you look and feel your best. Because we are firmly convinced that eyewear not only affects your outer being, but also your inner – so that you can walk through our world full of self-confidence. This is precisely why the Berlin label Kuboraum is a perfect fit for us. The glasses, handmade in Italy, emphasize the personality of the individual, highlight the character and create a feeling of safety.«

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