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Eyewear masterpieces from Japan.

We are not looking for popular brands, but for collections that meet our sense of design and highest craftsmanship. The Japanese label Matsuda is a perfect example for that: detail-loving craftsmanship and pure passion for aesthetics are masterfully combined. This is how Matsuda creates a smile on our faces with each of their handmade collections. Let yourself be inspired by the new eyewear from Matsuda.

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Christian Leidmann

»We are scouring the globe not only for leading brands, but for collections that meet our sense of design and supreme craftsmanship. Following this belief, Matsuda from Japan is a perfect example of detail-oriented dedication to artistry and passion for aesthetics. This in combination with the relentless drive for creative exploration for over five decades is what makes each of the handmade Matsuda glasses a masterpiece in our eyes.«

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The Matsuda story

In the 1960s, founder Mitsuhiro Matsuda, inspired by his study of traditional Japanese fashion, experimented with innovative designs that had a deep connection to Japan's past. With influences from architecture, art and jazz, Matsuda opened the door to an international, avant-garde wave of new design steeped in Japan's cultural heritage and designed for tomorrow.

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Innovation by tradition

In a fast paced world, Matsuda places careful emphasis on traditions of craftsmanship and thoughtful design. With Japan's signature approach to combining artisanal techniques with innovative technology, each pair of Matsuda eyewear is a work of art that pleases the senses. Each hinge, temple and component is carefully considered and uniquely designed for each collection.

Whether it's organic plastic cured for three months or the finest metals in the world, the Japanese artisans at Matsuda transform raw materials into detailed masterpieces, using techniques that few others dare to use: Because at Matsuda, quality has absolute priority over mass production.

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