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Uncompromising commitment to design from Japan.

Sato eyewear bridges the gap between the past and the future. Inspired by the unmistakable aesthetics of the 90s, Sato reinterprets the codes of the past - in a style that is uniquely provocative and fascinating for Sato. The result is far more than an accessory: it is jewelry made to last forever. Let yourself be inspired by the pieces of jewelry that we are proud to present to you exclusively in Germany.

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Philipp Foret, Leidmann

»Sato makes our hearts race! When we discovered Sato during our visit to the Paris Eyewear Fair, we knew we were holding something very special in our hands. Starting with the design language, the demand for aesthetics and the high-quality materials: the perfectly crafted glasses are what make up the best glasses in the world for us. It is a real pleasure for us to be able to present Sato eyewear exclusively in Germany.«

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Sato eyewear

Sato sunglasses speak to seductive souls, who like to charm as much as they like to annoy. To please with no attention of pleasing, a furtive look through the frame, a gesture, an attitude. Sato speaks to the lovers of life, who enjoy themselves and are only afraid of tomorrow. As Baudelaire wrote in his poem, „You should always be drunk“. A life, a moment, a split second, Sato marks time and mind.

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