Jacques Marie Mage

Jacques Marie Mage (JMM), based in wonderful Los Angeles, is specialized in the micro production of artisanal eyewear - limited-edition designer sunglasses and eyewear. Continents, cultures and generations all over the world form the inspiration basis for Jacques Marie Mage's world-class craftsmanship. Combined with advanced production methods and they embrace an array of bold geometric shapes, rich materials, and an exuberance of attitude. As a result, Jacques Marie Mage creates impeccably crafted spectacles that elegantly infuse historical motifs with a modern sensibility.

"Powerful, playful and meaningfully idiosyncratic"

JMM presents an extravagant statement pieces with a unique perspective, their eyewear combining respect for history, artisanship and technical innovation. The result is micro productions in limited editions that pay homage to the past while carrying the aesthetic into the future. 

Handcrafted in Japan

Using advanced techniques that draw on a rich heritage from the golden age of eyewear production, Jacque Marie Mage's Circa collection is made in Japan by highly valued partners. The sculptural shapes, unique colorways, and reflective volumes that have become the collection's hallmark are created through a complex production process that ensures every detail is polished to perfection.

Jacques Marie Mage limited edition eyewear is made by the world's finest Japanese acetate manufacturers. As an example of fine taste and a champion of bold expression, Jacques Marie Mage approaches each block of cellulose acetate like a sculptor approaches a block of wood or clay. The aim is to create pieces of impressive artistry and physicality. The collection also features a range of rare refinements, decorations and innovative components, all celebrating a strong and unique ocular identity. "Features include mineral glass lenses; finely worked metal detailing in both sterling silver and 18k gold; custom rivet and engraved wire core designs; a proprietary concealed hinge system; and our signature domed cameo logo."

jmm sunglasses

The high quality standards of Jacques Marie Mage require the use of the finest materials as well as the development of innovative hardware. At the same time, they work with the world's most respected eyewear manufacturers to create unique products that embody a perfect balance of form, function and fairness. They are known for their innovative design and unmatched manufacturing quality.

Valued manufacturing partners in Japan and Italy have a rich heritage dating back to the golden age of eyewear production, and embrace fair and ethical production methods that uphold JMM's business standards of compassion, respect and transparency. Combining traditional techniques and state-of-the-art technologies, their handmade eyewear meets the highest standards of craftsmanship and is ethically responsible.

Each JMM spectacle goes through more than 100 hands before it arrives at the Los Angeles headquarters. Each one of them is part of a process with 300 steps that ensures artistic and technical excellence.

Handcrafted in italy

Esteemed Italian manufacturing partners of JMM produce the extravagant Vanguard Collection in Valdobbiadene where you can find unexpected material combinations and colorways.In a facility that sits atop a hillside overlooking a strip of vineyards artisanship meets innovation and eyewear is elevated to art object.

With the Vanguard Collection - handcrafted in Italy - Jacques Marie Mage moves beyond the traditional wire core construction of conventional glasses. Why? Because they use proprietary acetate lamination methods it allows them to create innovative designs and material combinations as well as unexpected volumes. Jacques Marie Mage is working with outstanding Italian manufacturers that are the only one in the world who were able to master this kind of lamination process after several years of testing this system. The result from these incredibly valuable partnerships are vibrant color combinations that have never been seen before.

JMM Collection winter 2020

jmm collection

Featuring Tony Ward & Jessica van der Steen
Photographed by Craig McDean

JMM Collection winter 2020

jmm collection
Some stretch of West

Let your fences down, loosen the lines, hum a song that fetches tears. Soften your saddle, release your fears, roam the range beyond the divide. Plan your paths, part your ways, remember youth is a lonesome bride. Plant yourself in some stretch of West, where the sun hangs low and wide."

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“Our obsession with quality demands that we utilize only the most precious materials, develop the most innovative hardware, and partner with the most respectable eyewear manufacturers in the world in order to create a rarefied product that embodies a perfect balance of form, function, and fairness.”