Jacques Marie Mage Yellowstone Forever IV

Creating something unique with a respectful view of the past.

With its pristine nature, Yellowstone National Park has a unique magic. The sheer boundless space and biodiversity of the world's oldest national park have always been a profound source of inspiration for Jacques Marie Mage, which must be preserved. Together with Yellowstone Forever, the non-profit organisation of the national park, JMM is dedicated to the preservation and appreciation of this natural monument.

The collectibles are handcrafted in Japan with uncompromising attention to detail. Stunning reminiscences of the artistry of the Old West are embedded in all models: elaborate engravings are rounded off by a silver medallion - singular in this collection - adorned with a howling wolf.

Explore the combination of the past and creativity united in the sustainable Yellowstone IV sunglasses collection.

Yours Christian Leidmann


»The Yellowstone IV collection is a respectful homage to the history of this natural monument. In every detail of the collection, you can sense the special and personal passion that Jerome Mage associates with this imposing natural
spectacle. The elegant blend of tradition and innovation makes these strictly limited sunglasses as unique as their namesakes - and already desirable collector‘s items.«

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