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Equipped with courage and fearlessness as immovable virtues, Eque.M strives for true beauty and functionality with its eyewear creations. Every piece from Eque.M is the essence of the finest Japanese craftsmanship, mastered only by few. This is how unique eyewear is created in the factories that goes far beyond fashion and functional accessories: Eque.M is a lifestyle that inspires the elegance of each and every one of its wearers.

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»It began like an unlikely love story: We have been introduced to each other by a mutual friend in Paris and it was love at first sight... Eque.M is the love of eyewear in its purest form: the premium titanium moulded by Japanese master craftsmen into beautiful eyewear models are an expression of dedication to design and detail. The fine faceting of the frameless models will make the heart of any eyewear lover beat faster. The evening in Paris is just the beginning of a wonderful journey together. Experience Eque.M and let yourself be inspired like us.«

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At the heart of the brand‘s unchanging ethos is the principle of „Bold and Fearless“. Eque.M seamlessly combines this belief with superior functionality and promises its wearers a unique eyewear experience. In an age characterised by multiple identities and information overload, the brand stands as a unique entity, offering an unmistakable perspective on style and luxury.

Eque.M transcends its role as a mere purveyor of fashion and functional accessories to embody a lifestyle that emphasises the grace of its admirers. The brand is committed to unveiling the destiny of one‘s “facescape“, symbolising its commitment to understanding and promoting the individuality of each wearer.

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