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Curiosity - the driving force behind innovation and progress. It drives us to think outside the box, leave the familiar behind and create something new. Just like the founders of Innerraum do every day. Familiar visual habits are broken and redefined by the novel eyewear objects. Interlocking parts merge to create eyewear that is different and arouses curiosity. Curious for more.

We are proud to present the extraordinary Innerraum collection at Leidmann.

Yours, Christian Leidmann


»With their never-ending thirst for innovation, the Kuboraum founders have created the new Innerraum brand. As with Kuboraum, they have redefined the concept of eyewear with Innerraum. The mix of futuristic and minimalist metal elements merge into ergonomically shaped eyewear objects that are as new as they are exciting. The 16 models in the collection are limited to 60 pieces per colour worldwide and impress with their special aesthetics. They are new, they are different - they are Innerraum.«

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As with their Kuboraum label, the founders of the Berlin label Innerraum are rethinking the concept of glasses. Transformation is at the centre of the Innerraum experience, where parts that are originally foreign and belong to different imaginations and experiences are put together, integrated and merged in these unique objects.

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